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Custom Airflow Plenums - Design, Manufacturing and Installation

Server Cabinet Cooling Solutions for Data Centers and High Density Applications

Airflow-Room-CoolingMore and more companies are interested in efficient Server Cabinet Cooling Solutions in Data Centers and other High Density Installations. As one of the most reliable manufacturers and supplier of racks and cabinets we offer built to specs custom airflow plenums, cabinet exhaust plenums and other innovative products for efficient cooling and rapid heat dissipation.

Sealed Separation between the Cold Isle and the Hot Isle

One of our approaches to efficient cooling of data center equipment begins with a sealed separation between the cold isle in front of the equipment row and the hot isle in the back of the equipment. The sealing between hot and cold is done at the front rail level. We implemented this solution, for instance, for a wide variety of Cisco routers: 2821, 7613, 3560E, 3845, 2911, 6509E, 4507R, 4510R, 4510E, 4900M.

Since the router is designed to intake cold air from the side, which is now left by our separation in the hot isle, we needed to create a duct that would connect the router's intake to the cold isle in front of the cabinet.  We accomplished the whole task by designing a cold air intake plenum mounted under the router, and connecting this plenum through a duct to the intake on the side of the router.


Working with our company is easy. Just tell us about your project and one of our specialists will help you find the right solution for your equipment. Our solutions offer Excellent Cooling and Heat Dissipation at lower costs. Please contact us today to Request a Quote and for more info on our capabilities:

  • Built to Specs Cabinet Cooling Plenums - Standard and Custom Cabinet Airflow Cooling Plenums / Cabinet Exhaust Plenums
  • Highly customized Cabinet Airflow Plenums
  • Large diveristy of standard Cabinet Exhaust Fans / Server Cabinet Ventilation Fans
  • Rackmount Fans and Fan Shelves for Server Enclosures
  • Custom Cabinet Exhaust Systems
  • Other Data Center Cooling Solutions
  • Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Server Cabinet Cooling - Full Front View

Server Cabinet Cooling - Close-Up




Server Cabinet Cooling - Side View

Cooling Plenums Installed









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