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Custom Manufacturing Services

Built to Specs Server Rack Cabinets, Custom Configurations, Custom Cooling, Custom Cable Management, Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty, MIL Spec, Special Applications

Custom manufacturing services for server rack cabinets is our specialty. From us you can order built to specs server rack cabinets, custom configurations, custom cooling, custom cable management, heavy duty and super heavy duty racks and cabinets, MIL spec racks and cabinets and special application products. Located in New Jersey, we serve customers in the United States and Canada with standard and custom rackmount and wallmount enclosures in a very large diversity of sizes.



Please contact us today to Request a Quote and to discuss your project, including:

  • CustomDesign Changes - from minor to major modifications to better accomodate location, equipment, cooling and cabling
  • New Custom Designs - completely new designs with custom features
  • Custom Colors - choose from our standard colors or order your own
  • Corporate Logos, Custom Labeling

Quality Design and Engineering, Short Delivery Times, Low Prices

If you want to refine your requirements, our technical sales and engineering teams can work with you to design the product which will meet your exact needs and specifications.

We can engineer and manufacture custom products in shorter times and at lower prices than other companies, from one to thousands.

More than products we offer solutions to an ever demanding industry. We supply racks and cabinets with highly customized features to data centers, industrial and manufacturing companies, the military and the government. For more info and to buy, please contact us.





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