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Data Center Cabinets - Manufacturer and Supplier

Data Center Racks, Cabinets and Enclosures with High Efficiency Cooling
for High Density Blade Servers and other Equipment

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We manufacture and supply data center racks, cabinets and enclosures with high efficiency cooling for high density blade servers and other equipment at very competitive prices.

Our manufacturing facility in New Jersey has all the machining, tooling and assembly lines for standard and custom data center racks, cabinets and enclosures.

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Today, companies need equipment and systems that meet the performance demands, but also offer simple management and efficiency so you can get the most out of your IT investment.

We have the right combination of data center products and expertise:

  • Latest types of Server Racks, Cabinets and Enclosures; High Density Applications
  • High Efficiency Cooling for Racks and Cabinets of various sizes and configurations - Ventilation Fans and Systems, Cabinet Plenums, and more
  • Manufacturer of Standard "Off the Shelf" Racks and Cabinets, as well as Custom Racks and Cabinets

Our company provides customers with both Standard off-the-shelf products as well as Custom products manufactured to your precise specifications.

If you look for a reliable racks and cabinets manufacturer, server racks manufacturer, server cabinets manufacturer, seismic cabinet manufacturer, wallmount cabinets manufacturer, colocation cabinets manufacturer you are in the right place. We are well known in the industry for high quality products and full compliance with all applicable standards.





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