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Discounted Server Racks, Cabinets, Options and Accessories

Rackmount, Wallmount, Portable, Colocation, Shock / Seismic and more

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Decades of experience and the in depth market knowledge make our company an ideal supplier of discounted Server Racks, Cabinets, Options and Accessories for Rackmount, Wallmount, Portable, Shock / Seismic and other types of equipment enclosures.

We thrive to cut costs and find the best value, whether you buy one or hundreds of products from us. We carry our own line of enclosures, Gaw Server Racks and Cabinets,  and other lines from top manufacturers. Please see below some of the products we offer and contact us for more info and a Quick Quote.

Server Cabinets & 4 Post Server Racks (Includes many options)

  • Heights: 14u, 20u, 24u, 30u, 35u, 40u, 42u, 44u, 48u, 51u
  • Widths: 19”, 23”, 24”, 28”
  • Depths: 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”
  • Custom Manufacturing, Built to Specs, Custom Sizes, Colors, etc

Seismic Cabinets - NEBS Bellcore Zone 4 Earthquake Server Racks


Network Racks with adjustable rails: left/right, front/back

  • Large variety in door styles - perforated, solid, etc
  • Multiple ventilation and cooling options - fans and fan systems
  • Seven colors to choose from (most models)

Economy Rackmount Cabinets (Includes many options)

Wallmount Cabinets & Racks

  • Open and Closed styles
  • Multiple heights and depths

Portable Cabinets and Racks

2 Post Network, Telco and Relay Racks (Cable Management, Shelves, Hardware,

  • Aluminum 2 Post Racks, Telco Racks, Cable Relay Racks
  • Steel 2 Post Racks, Telco Racks, Cable Relay Racks

LAN/Network Open Racks (Cable Management, Shelves, Hardware, etc.)

  • 2 post Racks
  • 4 post Racks

Power Strips

  • Rackmount Power Strips
  • Vertical Power Strips
  • Custom Power Strips

Patch Panels & Bulk Cable

Rackmount Monitor/Keyboard/KVM

SeismicRackmount Accessories

  • Shelves
    • 4-post, 2-post, Centermount
    • Vented and solid
    • Sliding and fixed
  • Screws/Hardware
    • 10-32, 12-24, M-6, Security
    • Cage nuts and Clip nuts
    • Rack rulers, tapes and tools
  • Filler Panels, Blanking Panels
  • Ventilation / Cooling Fans and Fan Guards
  • Security Doors
  • Reducer Brackets
  • Angle Brackets
  • Drawers
  • Keyboard Trays/Drawers
  • Thermostats, Controls, Sensors




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