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Racks and Cabinets Trends

More Storage, Better Cooling, More Power Efficiency

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Higher Racks and Cabinets - 48U, 51U and more

In order to more effectively deal with more server and equipment storage, wiring and cooling within data centers, companies often increase the height of their racks and cabinets to 48U, 51U and even higher.

This migration from the common 42U to more storage seams to be a trend we will see in the next couple of years. Typical server racks and cabinets are seven feet tall with 19-inch wide openings and have space to accommodate 42 units (42U) of servers and supportive equipment. However  transporting and moving of bigger size racks is difficult because the truck height restrictions and doorway openings to most data centers.

The sale of specialized 48U racks is expected to increase at a steady rate each year for the coming five years. 

23” Slots

Many businesses opt for for the 23-inch wide slots for servers, instead of the 19”.  There is now great variation in custom rack sizes.

Highly Customized and Non Standard Racks and Cabinets

Data centers and IT companies look more and more to highly customized and non standard Racks and Cabinets with various configurations to suit their needs. This trend will continue in the next years.

Our company is fully prepared to manufacture, supply and configure your racks and cabinets to satisfy all your requirements for storage, cooling, noise, power, networking and communications. Over the years we helped many businesses achieve their goals and stay at the top. The IT environment changes very fast and with us you will have a reliable partner on your side.

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